What are natural dog treats?

Posted by Kieran Bednall

All dog owners love to reward their dog, and what better way to do that than with a natural dog treat! Natural dog treats are a nutritious way of adding variety to your dog’s diet as well as being a key training tool to reward good behaviour.

Good quality dog treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the mini size that can fit into your pocket to a larger size that will last longer, provide hours of chewing and a great aid to dental hygiene. Smaller size treats are perfect for hiding in your dog’s favourite chew toy like a Kong. Others can be used as natural toppers at meal times to provide an added dimension to dinner time.

There’s a natural dog treat for every stage of your dog’s life; from puppy to old boy! Older dogs will benefit from hip and joint treats that are high in Omega 3 and green lipped mussel. Puppy treats will help gain their attention, particularly when you want to distract them from doing something naughty.

The best dog treats are full of vitamins and mineral and will only contain pure meat or fish to make them easily digestible for your dog. The ingredients of the dog treats are either air or freeze dried or slow cooked to preserve the goodness and flavour so that even the fussiest dog won’t be able to resist!

What to look for in a Healthy Dog Treat?

When considering what dog treats will be best for your dog. Be sure to consider the following:


  • Does the treat have any artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings? Some of these could really upset the digestive system of your dog and cause them to be very ill.
  • Does the treat contain added sugar?
  • Does the treat contain fillers or bulking ingredients with no nutritional value for your dog?
  • Does the treat contain simple ingredients carefully prepared to preserve nutrients and flavour?
  • Does your dog go wild for them and keep coming back for more?!


What Natural Dog Treats are Best for my Dog?

The best natural dog treat for your dog is dependent on the purpose of the treat and what nutrients your dog needs. If your dog has a certain ailment, different ingredients can ease certain things. For example, it is possible to purchase calming treats for dogs prone to anxiety or hip and joint treats to ease stiffness and also skin and coat treats to add some shine to your dog’s coat. If you are looking for a treat to help with your dog’s dental hygiene there are range of natural dental sticks that will help with plaque build-up.

Why are Natural treats better for my Dog?

Here are some of the top reasons why we think natural dog treats are the best for your pooch:


  1. Hormone Free – Dog treats can contain a lot of artificial ingredients including animals that have been fed with antibiotics and hormones. This can lead to immunity build-up against antibiotics and hyperactivity in your dog which can lead to a number of health conditions. Natural dog treats do not contain any hormones or antibiotics making it a much better choice for your furry friend.


  1. Allergy Free – Natural dog treats do not contain ingredients like soy, wheat or corn. These ingredients are common allergy triggers for canines and can manifest in severe skin problems. Natural treats will also be gentler on a dog’s stomach which reduces inflammation and the chance of a reaction.


  1. Non-fattening – Natural treats contain a lot more nutritious ingredients and fewer additives and filler content making your dog feel fuller. Feeding your dog natural, nutritious treats will mean your dog enjoys their favourite treat without piling on the pounds!


  1. Mental Well-Being – Processed dog treats can cause a gut imbalance causing a negative mood and poor mental health. Just like humans, a dog is sensitive to what they eat and drink. Any imbalance can contribute to inflammation and stress which can affect them mentally. Natural dog treats contribute to better digestion, stronger immunity, increased energy and a lower risk of disease leading to great overall mental health.


  1. Improved Quality of Life – A dog’s diet directly impacts their appearance, demeanour, behaviour and feelings. Natural dog treats will lead to a shiny coat, ample energy, balanced weight and a strong immunity. This increases life expectancy. Maintaining a natural diet from a young age will ensure that your dog is fit and active into old age.



Three Rules of Treating your Dog

Follow these simple rules for treating your pooch!


  1. Don’t feed your dog too many treats. It may seem like a nice thing to do at the time however; obesity can make your dog prone to a lot of serious health conditions and strain their joints. Treats should account for up to 10% of your dog’s daily calories and never anymore.
  2. Only choose natural dog treats to ensure that you enhance and supplement your dog’s diet.
  3. Store your dog’s treats in a sealable container to keep them fresh and flavoursome.